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Dean's Encouragement

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  With the impacts from both information technology and global competition, opportunities in the market can disappear; therefore, grasping opportunities and reacting quickly are becoming the keys to firms in competitions.  In addition, facing the global financial crisis and the continuing economic downturn, companies need not only stable infrastructure and effective management to defend their territories, but also the capabilities to identify market opportunities, in order to have breakthrough in difficult situation.  Therefore, business managers need not only perseverant fighting spirit, they also need to be more readily to learn new knowledge and control market intelligence to strengthen their competitiveness.

  Pursuing advanced study while working has become the most effective way for executives to learn new knowledge.  Therefore, finding an opportunity to satisfy the needs in searching new knowledge, sharing peer experience, and expanding network for executives are the common goals for all current executives who are hard working and pursuing excellence.  College of Management at National Chiao Tung University understands the needs of all business executives, and specifically combines the advantages in being near Hsinchu Science Park, having broad alumni network in the technology sector, and linking five Chiao Tung University alliance across the strait, to establish the EMBA program with vision and global perspective.  This is to lead business executives in our country to welcome the global challenges and re-create another milestone for businesses in our country.
Dean of College of Management  Professor Hui-Min Chung