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A Word from EMBA Chief Executive

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  As the executive officer of EMBA program at National Chiao Tung University, I shoulder the responsibility for glory of NCTU EMBA that has existed for years.  As I diligently put in hard work and effort for the EMBA program the past few years, the passion in my heart that “once from NCTU, always from NCTU, the success and failure of the EMBA program is my responsibility” is also ignited.  When this feeling transformed into a mission, and was being realized in daily classes, administrative works, and golf games, I started to understand this feeling already long existed in the behaviors and deeds of the two previous executive officers, Mr. Po-Young Chu and Mr. Chyan Yang.  The revolutionary feelings of people from NCTU EMBA are just real, and they are formed from the lives and works at NCTU campus.  Exploring deeper, what elements do the revolutionary feelings of NCTU EMBA people imply?  I offer the following six factors: leadership, thinking, heritage, extension, vision, and stream.       

  EMBA at NCTU always has its attention in leadership.  U.S. President Lincoln once said, “The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present.  The occasion is piled high with difficulty, and we must rise with the occasion. As our case is new, so we must think anew and act anew”.  What we are facing now is a new world, and that the elites from various industries will face the totally new and special challenges.

  EMBA program at NCTU is consisted of two school years.  Sixty students in each school year can discuss and learn together, with the arrangement of a tight curriculum.  As the class times are consistent, and classrooms are close to each other, the peers from the two different school years, totaling 120 people, can accept and transform their thinking through mutual learning, and then elevate and change their traditional behavior modes.

  NCTU EMBA program has accumulated more than 800 students for the past ten and more years, they are the elites coming from various fields.  Every year, a variety of learning activities, “Purple Bamboo Association” activities, and golf tournaments are hosted to communicate with these elites, and let them feel that once from NCTU, always from NCTU.  Their resources will always stream tougher on the platform of EMBA.

  The extension of the students from NCTU EMBA is formed by their revolutionary feelings.  When you are a member of the program, you have the international energy formed by a class year with 60 people, ten class years with 600 people, and 6000 people from five different campuses in the Greater China region.

  EMBA of NCTU is the integrated exchange platform that most conveniently gathers the strength of all elites in the Taiwanese businesses.  This platform conducts exchanges offering international visions with world’s renowned schools such as Harvard, UC at Berkeley, Cambridge, Peking University.  Academic exchange and class cooperation programs are examples allowing students to integrate global perspectives, innovation, technology, and flexibility; it is based in Taiwan, going across Asia, and looking from a global view.

  EMBA at NCTU offers to every student a comprehensive environment where knowledge, friendly, career, and wealth can stream together.  Everyone utilizes this platform to establish network of contacts, create the greatest added value.  The teamwork strength can produce potent compound effect.  Joint cooperation formed by a group of people can really move mountains.

Up to this point, I am offering an ancient words coming from my heart to encourage each EMBA alumnus and prospective graduates,

Today, you are proud of EMBA at NCTU
Tomorrow, EMBA at NCTU will honor you
Executive Officer of EMBA     Professor Chia-Chi Chang